Municipal Court

Michael Detzky has more than thirty five years of experience in Municipal Court matters, including drunk driving and drug possession cases, disorderly conduct, assault charges, shoplifting, and traffic violations, such as driving while on the revoked list, careless driving, and speeding. He also represents individuals and businesses charged with ordinance violations. He will protect your interests by filing motions to suppress statements and physical evidence, motions to dismiss complaints, and motions to compel discovery, among others. Mr. Detzky has handled appeals from Municipal Court convictions to the Superior Court, whereupon those convictions have been reversed, as well as the expungement of Municipal Court convictions and records of proceedings.

Too often an individual with a matter in Municipal Court will consider his case as a mere nuisance, and will represent himself at trial or will plead guilty without the assistance of counsel. This is a risky strategy because the collateral consequences of a conviction in Municipal Court can affect your life in ways not apparent at the time you conclude your case.

In addition to substantial fines and penalties, including point accumulation, surcharge, and suspension of driving privileges, Municipal Court convictions can carry a jail term. Conviction of any Municipal Court offense may have a negative impact on your employment prospects and may possibly affect your immigration status.

We are familiar with Municipal Court procedure, and are available to represent you in any municipality throughout New Jersey. We will fully investigate your case, aggressively represent you, and work with you to find the best possible solution to your problem.