Preparing for Your First Consultation

In order to make your first consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer most productive, you will have to do a little preparation. First go online and get a copy of your credit report. In most States you are entitled to one free credit report per year. But don’t be fooled into going to such sites as or the like which have hidden fees or want to sign you for a paid credit monitoring service. Rather, go to ANNUALCREDITREPORT.COM which is entirely without cost or obligation. There you will be able to get copies of your credit report from all three national credit reporting bureaus, Transunion; Equifax and Experian. These reports will give you a clear understanding of exactly how much you owe and whether there are any judgments against you.

If you own a home the attorney will want to know its value. This can be obtained by going online to either or and entering your home address. You will receive a general estimate of what homes in our area are selling for.

You will also need to obtain a copy of the mortgage statements showing the balances due on the mortgages on your home.

Additionally, the attorney will need to know the total gross income (before taxes or other deductions) of all income received by you, or if married you and your spouse, over the last six months. This is a result of changes made to the Federal Bankruptcy laws in 2005.

The attorney will want to know the year, make and model of any automobiles you own, the market value and the balance remaining on any loans. You can easily obtain the market value of automobiles by going on such sites as; or

Finally, the attorney will want to see a copy of the most recently filed Federal Income Tax Return. Having ALL of this information ready and available at the first interview will help the lawyer help you!