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Detzky, Hunter & DeFillippo, LLC provides prompt, quality legal services to individuals, labor organizations and businesses across New Jersey from our convenient locations in Freehold and Somerville. Dedicated to excellence in the practice of law, our firm focuses on protecting the rights and interests of clients in the areas of bankruptcy, immigration and naturalization, real estate, municipal court law, military law, and the representation of public sector labor unions, including law enforcement and educators.

What sets us apart from the rest?

The partners of the firm average well over 40 years of experience in their respective areas of concentration. When you retain our firm for your case, you will benefit from having a dedicated team that will guide you through your legal matter every step of the way. We recognize the significance of our responsibility. When people rely on us to get the job done, we work tirelessly to achieve their goals. Our firm provides the personal touch clients expect and the tailored services they deserve.

Practice Areas

Detzky, Hunter, & DeFillippo, LLC is a dedicated team of professionals. We are lawyers who listen and counselors who care. Every client gets the same attention. Every case gets the same commitment. When you partner with our firm, you are tapping decades of experience ready to work for you. Our firm focuses on the needs of each person, forging relationships that last a lifetime.

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Our immigration practice has provided thousands of people with the legal support they needed when facing immigration matters. Our firm handles all immigration issues, including but not limited to family immigration, employment immigration, deportation and removal defense, green cards, naturalization, student immigration, and asylum claims.

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Our firm is dedicated to providing compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective guidance involving bankruptcy and debt relief. We understand how stressful the prospect of bankruptcy can be. Our firm handles all bankruptcy matters, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, business bankruptcy, and helps clients achieve some breathing room with the automatic stay.

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Detsky, Hunter & DeFillippo, LLC has significant legal experience handling all matters of real estate for buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties. Our firm handles a range of public sector labor law cases, including the representation of unions for New Jersey police and educators. In addition, our firm provides quality legal support to clients facing municipal court violations and military court matters.

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Our Attorneys

  • Michael L. Detzky

    Michael L. Detzky has been providing prompt, quality legal services to individuals and businesses for nearly 40 years. Mr. Detzky brings the values instilled from his years of service in the Navy to every case he handles.

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  • Stephen Hunter

    Stephen Hunter, Esq. has over 45 years of experience regarding public sector labor law matters. With a deep appreciation for individuals that serve New Jersey, Mr. Hunter provides zealous representation to those who call on him.

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  • David J. DeFillippo

    David J. DeFillippo, Esq. has over 30 years of experience as an attorney serving New Jersey. Dedicated to the rights of those in the public sector, Mr. DeFillippo provides effective legal services to every client.

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Our Reviews

  • Navigating my business through chapter 7 was an emotional and overwhelming task. Mr. Detzky was instrumental in guiding my wife and I through the process effectively and efficiently, and assisting us in avoiding personal bankruptcy. More importantly, he calmed our nerves by reassuring us that we would be ok. We are ok, thank you Mr. Detzky! - anonymous

  • Mr. Detzky did an amazing job with reassuring me through my chapter 7 process. I had a creditor trying to sue me. Him and his staff are very courteous, and professional. Answer all questions promptly. Will recommend to anyone require this niche of law. - Corey

  • Mr. Detzky represented me twice for unrelated cases both serious charges were brought against me. He always made himself available whenever I needed advise and provided me with all of my options in detail in a way I could easily understand. I love that he never "sugar coated" anything so I knew exactly what to expect before walking into a the court room. Knowing his extensive experience and knowledge gave… - Danielle

  • Going through bankruptcy can be a very hard and emotional experience. Mike made us feel confident, comfortable and explained things in terms we could understand. He made this an experience that we learned from and move towards a great future. - Linda

  • This is the second time that we used the services of Michael Detzky. Very supportive. Highly recommend. - Georgette

  • Michael Detzky, based on our experience for his services, is an outstanding, magnificent attorney who helped us tremendously to complete our claim. We admire and most certainly recommend him. - Sheila

  • Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I found myself in need of saving my home. Mr. Detzky worked diligently to find a comfortable solution. His staff continues to work with me to help me maintain and stay on the right path. He spoke to me with courtesy and kindness and did not judge me on how bad my situation was, however he was very upfront and honest with me. Today I… - Temple

  • I would like to thank Michael L. Detzky for helping me through the hardest time of my life. His experience speaks volumes and made me feel confident and at ease. He walked me through each step and explained exactly how things would proceed and told me not to worry. I now know his expertise and why I was referred to him . There aren't enough words to thank Mr. Detzky… - Herman

  • Having worked in the financial field for over 40 years, I was always on the "other side" of bankruptcy. So, when I needed to declare bankruptcy (due to overwhelming medical bills) I was stressed and fearful. When I first consulted Mr. Detzky, he put all my fears to rest. He explained everything in detail, & made the entire process smooth, easy and most of all, painless. What a blessing to… - Deborah

  • Michael Detzky is like our Saint Michael to me and my wife. He did mine and my wife's bankruptcy and he was the best you can't get any better than Michael Detzky very helpful and very clear about every thing. Thank you Michael Detzky. From Dennis & Martha S - Dennis & Martha S

  • Mr Detzky is extremely kind, compassionate, considerate, thoughtful, understanding, helpful, knowledgeable and informative, etc... in helping first my husband and now myself with our bankruptcy. Had I known he also handles home sale closings, we would have hired him to handle our closing when we sold our house. If you are in need of a lawyer, call him to find out all aspects of the law that he handles and… - Christine

  • What a great help him and his secretary Odalis were!! They helped me through a rough time and were very helpful and patient in dealing with my situation. I would recommend them for anyone planning on going through bankruptcy no matter your circumstances! Thank you so much for all your help! - anonymous

  • Going through a bankruptcy is stressful enough, but finding an attorney you can trust to do what's best for your situation is even more stressful. Mr. Detzky was professional, prompt, and courteous the entire process. He is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in his field. Having him represent me in court made a world of a difference. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking bankruptcy counsel. - Dr. F

  • Mr. Detzky answered every question to my satisfaction and I would say he even went above and beyond with helping me find answers to all my questions and concerns. I will definitely be using his service's in the future. - Michael L.

  • Mr Detzky and his staff were very comforting and competent throughout my whole experience dealing with them. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family if needed. - anonymous

  • I highly recommend Mr.Detzy he was a great help with my situation. Within two months of meeting with Michael he has now helped me accomplish a life-long dream to become a citizen of this great country. He is truly a genuine attorney at law. - anonymous

  • Mr. Deztky is an excellent attorney who successfully helped my wife with getting her immigrant visa to the US. He knows exactly what to do to handle a case, and he does things conscientiously. More importantly, he cares about his clients, putting their needs first. I am certain that you will feel confident about your future with him on your side. I recommend him with no reservation. - Michael

  • I went to Mr. Detzky because I had reached a time in my life when it was necessary to talk about filing for bankruptcy. At our very first meeting he made Me feel I was doing the right think with the right attorney. He is an amazing trustworthy Attorney. - anonymous

  • Mr. Detzky helped me negotiate my somewhat complicated bankruptcy case, foreseeing an unusual problem and figuring out the best strategy for addressing a resulting difficulty that other lawyers I interviewed did not prepare me for. He himself has special inside knowledge from his experience as a trustee, and that helped him have a very accurate idea of how trustees generally would proceed in my case, as well as what the… - Catherine

  • Totally recommended. He is so professional, he explained us the process clearly, you can see he knows what he's doing. nothing else to say he's an excellent lawyer. Habla español es muy paciente, explica con claridad y honestidad el proceso por el cual vas a pasar, profesional y con conocimiento del tema. - anonymous

  • Mr. Detzky is an outstanding attorney. From the minute that I met Mr. Detzky; I knew he was intelligent, trustworthy,and possessed a wealth of knowledge about the law. He thoroughly explained the process; step by step. Through the entire consultation Mr. Detzky was patient, courteous, and made you feel very good. I walked out of his office feeling very confident in his ability. A few weeks later I had to… - Fred

  • Mr. Detzky made what was an unnerving experience of filing for bankruptcy turn into one that was almost pleasant, if that's possible. He guided us through everything smoothly and was very patient when listening to all of our questions. He was very pleasant and easy to talk to. We were also happy to see that he did not send anyone else to take his place. His assistant, Stephanie, was just… - Barbara

  • We were very uneasy with the whole thought of bankruptcy, but attorney Detzky explained everything clearly and gave us a sense of comfort. He walked us through every step of the process and gave us confidence that we were doing the right thing. He is very understanding. My wife and I recommend him very highly! - Jeff

  • I am extremely pleased with the services Mr. Detsky rendered to me. He instantly made me feel comfortable as well as optimistic about my case & future. His confidence & demeanor was the main reason I hired him & I'm pleased that I did. Mr. Detzky is extremely knowledgable. He kept me well informed at all times as to what I should expect with my bankruptcy case. I would also… - Linda

  • When I met with Mr. Detzky and explained to him my very unusual case I felt very secure and relieved and knew he was the attorney for me. He was honest and upfront with me and so very compassionate and understanding with everything I was going through. He is an attorney who cares for his clients and will fight for you with every fiber of his being and he did… - Cindy

  • If you are seeking a legal opinion from an individual that is not only knowledgeable of the law but also an individual that thinks outside the box then Michael Detzky is the person to contact. - jay

  • I recently retained Mr. Detzky to help my wife and I file for bankruptcy. We are both impressed by how knowledgeable, thorough, helpful, and caring he is. In a nutshell, Michael is “top-notch;” his staff is “first-rate,” as well. If you need a bankruptcy attorney you would be making a BIG MISTAKE going anywhere else. He’s the man! - Al

  • Mr. Detzky, was warm, compassionate and understanding of what I was going through. Mr. Detzky, as well as, his parallegal Stephanie always answered my questions thoroughly. I would recommend definitely recommend him to my friends. - Carmella

  • Really great lawyer! My gut feeling just told me to go with him. Mr. Detzsky just filed my case two days ago and I haven't been to bankrupcy court yet but the two meetings I've had with him so far were very impressive. I immediately felt at ease with him and his staff. I felt very well understood and well taken care of. He is extremely smart, knowledgeable and very… - Rachel

  • Mr. Detzky represented me through one of the toughest decisions, I had to make, regarding chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was not only extremely informative, but also patient when I asked many, many questions. - anonymous

  • Mr. Detzky recently represented my wife and I with our bankruptcy filing. He is an efficient attorney who knows the law very well and listens to your situation so that the best decision is made. He thoroughly explains all options available and walks you through the entire process so there are no surprises. In our situation, he took our case which initially seemed to be a Chapter 13 and through… - Joe

  • Michael and his administrative staff are the ultimate professionals in his law practice. They welcome you with open arms as if they have known you forever and treat you better than family. Michael is up to date on case law and his passion to assist you and enhance your case shows in the court of law. I would highly recommend Michael for any of his practices of law. One consultation… - Juan Garcia

  • Can't say enough good things about Michael Detzky! He keeps us well informed and has endless patience when discussing things with us. Have never had or heard of an attorney as accessible and responsive as he and his staff are. Every inquiry made to his office ,whether by phone or email, is dealt with promptly and pleasantly. Would recommend him to friends and family without reservation. - Susan

  • I was suicidal. Mounting debt keep me awake at night. I couldn't function then I found Mr. Detzky. He literally saved my life. He did exactly as he promised. In one day I went from a guy who felt that I had no options to someone who saw light at the end of a tunnel. Don't suffer in silence. Do yourself a faor and call this man now. He's easy… - Moishe

  • Overwhelmed with debt and found him while doing an internet search. Boy am I glad I did. Right from square one he made me feel at ease, answered all my questions and didn't pressure me. In fact, he never even asked for a dime at our first meeting. Rather he gave me written materials and time to make up my mind. His staff is great too. Especially Stephanie. I can't… - anonymous

  • My husband and I are not overly religious people but we truly believe that Mike Detzky was Heaven Sent. We suffered a double whammy. My husband lost his business and I got sick all within the span of a couple of months. We fell behind on the mortgage; there were unpaid taxes and medical bills. My husband feel into a deep depression. We went online to look for a bankruptcy… - Trish

  • Michael is an exceptionally gifted attorney. He is very professional and personable. I have worked with Michael and his firm in varied circumstances and in each instance he and his firm has handled the circumstances in an excellent manner. From real estate law to professional client services to union dealings, this firm and Michael in particular has been spectacular. This is a highly intelligent individual who can deal with many… - Mike

  • Very knowledgeable, with excellent staff that follows up very well. Advocated very effectively for me. Can be a bit abrupt when discussing elements of the proceeding, but that is a very minor carp. The point of his services was to get results, and that is what he got. - anonymous

  • Mike Detzky is an excellent attorney. His expertise is exactly as it should be along with his demeanor dealing with what was a life challenge for me was very comforting. His office staff is excellent at follow up which was a relief considering how busy we all are, they were there to handle whatever questions I had. If you want to feel secure that your case is being handled by… - Diane

  • He is very easy to deal with and honest about your situation and what you may experience. His staff is very friendly and always there to help. My husband and I cant thank him enough!!! - Dana

  • Michael L. Detzky obviously has worked deligently at aquiring the respected reputation of an outstanding Bankruptcy attorney. From the moment we sat down to discuss our financial situation with him (which was very hard for us) it was obvious we had come to the right place for acurate facts, honest representation and agressive action. Within one month, a Petition was filed and the Notice of Creditor Hearing was held. Michael… - Gregory

  • I would recommend Mr. Detzky to anyone in need of a bankruptcy lawyer. He explained everything to my wife and I, we needed to know. We felt as if I were talking to a well informed friend, he made us feel that comfortable. Great Lawyer, the name says it all. The office is great also, they do their best to answer your questions, or have Mr. Detzky contact you. This… - MARK

  • Michael Detzky was my lawyer for chapter 7, I'm so happy i chose him, he is a honest and very professional lawyer. Very happy with his services, his assistant Stephanie was so helpful and kind thank you!! - brandon

  • I met Michael about 9 years ago when I needed help filing an Immigration case for a spouse, I was very surprise and quite impressed with how smooth and quickly everything worked out. Michael is very professional and highly knowledgeable and current with the immigration laws, so it was no surprise when it had a potentially life changing event happen a few months ago I went straight to Michael with… - Tricia

  • As other reviewers have stated, filing bankruptcy is a very upsetting situation. Mr. Detzky make the entire process painless and kept me informed every step of the way. His assistant, Stephanie, is very personable and efficient. Mr. Detzky never made me feel embarrassed that I had to result to bankruptcy to solve my financial situation. I would recommend him without reservation. - Barbara

  • I was more than scared and hesitant to undertake a bankruptcy filing when I first met with Mr. Detzky. But, from the first meeting and continuing on through the filing process Mr. Detzky has been an informative and calming hand in guiding me through this process. He is thorough, professional without being intimidating, and always willing to answer any question I might have. He has helped to guide me in… - Ken

  • I recommend Michael without hesitation for several reasons: * He made sure we were well informed every step of the way. * His support staff was also well informed and friendly. * Inevitably there was always the question we forgot to ask and every single one was answered in a timely fashion. * Finally, we went in feeling like trash and he would not allow us to leave his office… - anonymous

  • For 12 years I was running from a judgment that was filed against me. It was never properly served to me and by the I found out about it I thought it was to late to take any action. I went to different lawyers who quoted me outrageous sums of money just to try and reopen the case. I found Mr Detzky who not only settled my case with one letter… - Janene

  • I never had a good lawyer in my life that actually worked for ME and not my money. Michael Detzky Is the BEST LAWYER I ever had by far. He went out of his way to help me in spite of my lack of some of my needed documentation and took all the pressure and worry out of my case for me. I can't thank him and his staff enough.… - Richard

  • Helped me get through painful divorce and bankruptcy very helpful and kind. - anonymous

  • I had just been laid off from work and was drowning in debt. I couldn't sleep and was terrified to answer the phone cause I didn't want to be threatened by another bill collector. Detzky told he could make all my problems disappear and he did exactly what he said he'd do. He saved my life - Bobby

  • Mr. Detzky made my wife and me feel very comfortable and gave us a sense of caring when we first met him. When we walked out we both said we made the correct decision to retain Mr. Detzky. I'll give you an analogy that is very appripro. Unfortunately my wife just went through cancer and surgery and we visited many doctors and surgeons to pick which we hoped were the… - Mitchell

  • Used Mr Detzky for my bankruptcy case. He understood and was sensitive to my apprehension about filing; answered ALL my questions and filed my case promptly. He and his staff are top knotch and the best - Pablo

  • Michael L. Detzky took care of me & wife's case promptly & gave us knowledgable advise. He made us feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We highly recommend him. - Walter

  • Mr. Detzky handled an immigration case for me. Mr. Detzky is a caring, compassionate and accomplished Attorney who helped us achieve our American Dream. He answered all our questions and always promptly returned our telephone calls and emails. I would not hesitate to refer Mr. Detzky and his office to my friends and other family members. He and his staff are amazing. - Doris Oliveras

  • I will recommend Mr. Detzky to anyone I know. While going thorough what was a very personal situation and I may add, a very stressful time in my life, Mr. Detzky was there to guide me and answered every question I had no matter how many times I asked. He reassured me that I was in good hands & m In less than 3 months my case was resolved without… - Stephanie Gonzalez

  • I have known Michael Detzky for about 3 years now. He has helped me with my immigration issues and has done an excellent job with it. He has always been honest to me and my family, specially about how difficult my case is and how it will not take months or even a year, but longer for me to resolve my immigration issue. I had gone to many other lawyers… - Debora Cifuentes

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