Do I qualify for an H-1B visa?

When people from outside the United States are looking to enter the country to pursue a job opportunity, they may be able to do so if they acquire the proper documentation. First, individuals will have to acquire authorization to enter the country to pursue a job. In order to do so, it means that they […]

Can I get asylum in the United States?

In other countries, war or unsafe conditions can lead people to seek help from the United States. People may look to our country for help during tough times. This can cause them to seek asylum in the country. To be eligible for asylum, individuals have to fit the criteria. Asylum provides those who are from […]

Which bankruptcy process involves liquidation?

Bankruptcy can be the only option for some individuals. It can help people get through tough financial times and make their future easier. When individuals need to go through bankruptcy, they may choose either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is best known for being the process that requires liquidation of someone‚Äôs assets. […]

Who can acquire a fiance visa?

When an immigrant becomes engaged to a United States citizen, it may be able to help them during their immigration process. Their relationship with a citizen can aid them as they wish to enter the United States. This can be helpful since they are planning to start their lives with their fiance. A K-1 visa, […]

What can qualify me for a hardship waiver?

As an individual looking to stay in the United States, you may be facing obstacles. If you have entered the country without the proper documentation, it can cause issues to arise when leaving and trying to reenter. You should try to acquire a hardship waiver that can rid you of this issue. You may then […]

What is consular processing?

Consular processing is used by immigrants to acquire a visa to enter the United States. With a visa, they are allowed to enter the country. This can give them the ability to live and work here as well.This process can be beneficial for those that want to move to the U.S. from a foreign country […]

Who can face deportation?

Before people come to the United States, they need to have a status to enter the country. They may be a citizen of the country that has been away on vacation or they may be someone that has a green card for a certain period of time. For these situations, individuals should always have some […]

When can the 3-10 year bar go into effect?

Facing the 3-10 year bar can be a tumultuous time for some immigrants. It is not something they want to be faced with. This bar can keep them out of the United States for years. When it goes into effect, they will not be able to gain entry into the country for a long period […]

Naturalization and the Importance of Good Moral Character

Naturalization is a process that immigrants can go through to become United States citizens. These individuals will finally be able to call themselves a citizen of the country and possess rights that all citizens have. When individuals wish to complete this process, they should make sure they are in a good standing in their life. […]

Do I have to go on an interview for a student visa?

Before acquiring a student visa, there are steps you must go through to ensure you are able to gain access to one and eventually enter the country for educational purposes. During this application, an interview may be a required part of the process for some individuals. However, age limits are also in place for certain […]

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