Naturalization and the Importance of Good Moral Character

Naturalization is a process that immigrants can go through to become United States citizens. These individuals will finally be able to call themselves a citizen of the country and possess rights that all citizens have. When individuals wish to complete this process, they should make sure they are in a good standing in their life. […]

Do I have to go on an interview for a student visa?

Before acquiring a student visa, there are steps you must go through to ensure you are able to gain access to one and eventually enter the country for educational purposes. During this application, an interview may be a required part of the process for some individuals. However, age limits are also in place for certain […]

Can I get deported after a criminal act?

Individuals that come to the United States from another country may have a specific reason to do so. Whether they are entering the country to receive their education or due to familial ties, they must make sure they are adhering to the laws of the country. They cannot act in a way that could bring […]

What debts can be discharged in bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy proceedings can help individuals fix their financial situation and work toward a more stable financial future. Through individual bankruptcy, they can claim their bankruptcy and benefit from the process. Although bankruptcy can seem like you are claiming defeat, it can actually be a useful tool to help with your finances. This process provides help […]

Can I prevent deportation?

Deportation is a scary concept. Those that wish to reside in the country do not want to be removed against their wishes. Immigrants need to be granted a status to legally reside in the country before they enter. This may include a green card to give them a legal status for a period of time. […]

How does the U.S. prevent fraudulent marriages?

Engaged couples may be able to bring in their fiance from another country to the United States by applying for a fiance visa. If their fiance is not a citizen of the U.S., they may be able to qualify for a fiance visa to enter the country and have their fiance reside here with them. […]

Who can be granted asylum?

Individuals in other countries may face undesirable circumstances. Even more so, they may be in danger in their home country. This danger can force them to look elsewhere to protect themselves and their families. These individuals may be able to qualify for asylum in the United States. Asylum provides an opportunity for those who are […]

What are the prerequisites for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Before applying for bankruptcy, individuals should consider all their options. Bankruptcy can be a helpful process to improve your finances. Chapter 7 bankruptcy has certain requirements that must be met before individuals can file for it. Individuals have to undergo credit counseling and attend a debtor education course to prepare. In addition to this, they […]

How can I claim individual bankruptcy?

When you are facing times of financial difficulty, it may be best to consider bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should not be seen as something to totally avoid. It can be helpful for individuals facing hard times financially. When individuals are considering bankruptcy, there are two options they should explore. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are bankruptcy processes […]

What schools make me eligible for a student visa?

Education is an important aspect of someone‚Äôs life in order to create a successful future. Individuals in the United States have a wide variety of opportunities that can educate them. Whether this includes college or trade school, student can become informed of a certain topic and use that as a basis for creating a career. […]

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