What are the prerequisites for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Before applying for bankruptcy, individuals should consider all their options. Bankruptcy can be a helpful process to improve your finances. Chapter 7 bankruptcy has certain requirements that must be met before individuals can file for it. Individuals have to undergo credit counseling and attend a debtor education course to prepare. In addition to this, they […]

How can I claim individual bankruptcy?

When you are facing times of financial difficulty, it may be best to consider bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should not be seen as something to totally avoid. It can be helpful for individuals facing hard times financially. When individuals are considering bankruptcy, there are two options they should explore. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are bankruptcy processes […]

What schools make me eligible for a student visa?

Education is an important aspect of someone’s life in order to create a successful future. Individuals in the United States have a wide variety of opportunities that can educate them. Whether this includes college or trade school, student can become informed of a certain topic and use that as a basis for creating a career. […]

Am I eligible for a fiance visa?

To be eligible for a fiance visa, also known as a K-1 visa, there are specific requirements that each couple has to meet. The couple must have met one another within two years prior to filing for the visa. There must be evidence provided to prove that this timeline is correct. The evidence can be […]

What is the automatic stay?

During bankruptcy proceedings, the automatic stay is used as a tool to help individuals who are struggling through times of financial difficulty and are trying to fix their situation. Once the paperwork is filed for bankruptcy, the automatic stay goes into effect. It bars creditors from contacting debtors. Due to this, debtors do not have […]

What is a business bankruptcy?

Business bankruptcy is also called Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Through this form of bankruptcy, a business can be better financially equipped. They can go through a process to fix their situation and prepare for a more successful future. Chapter 11 bankruptcy will stop the shutdown of your business by any creditors, vendors or banks. By claiming bankruptcy, […]

Removing Conditions on a Permanent Residence for Marriage

Couples who are comprised of one U.S. citizen or permanent residents spouse and another that is from a foreign country are subject to a number of different restrictions. The spouse that came to the United States from elsewhere to get married has a conditional permanent resident status for the first two years. It is important […]

What is the process for obtaining a student visa?

Individuals who live outside of the United States may have the opportunity to get an education in the country. These individuals must apply for a student visa that fits the type of schooling that they will go through. First, they have to apply for a Student and Exchange Visitor Program-approved school. Then they will need […]

Can I obtain a visa to become employed in the U.S. as a noncitizen?

If individuals have a job offer waiting for them in the United States but they are from a foreign country, they have the option to apply for an employment visa. Before entering the country, a work permit needs to be granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Some foreign nations can fill out […]

Watch Attorney Detzky on Fox News

Partner of the firm, Michael Detzky, Esq. was recently featured on Fox News regarding a proposed bill to let asylum seekers apply in Mexico. Please click this link to watch attorney Detzky provide his seasoned opinion on the matter. Michael Detzky, Esq. has been practicing immigration law for over 40 years. For a consultation to […]

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