What is the Meeting of Creditors?

When an individual files for bankruptcy, they create a plan to pay back their debts. Once this is done, certain steps must be followed. Regardless of what type of bankruptcy is filed, the debtor is required to attend a meeting of creditors. This meeting is sometimes referred to as the Section 341 meeting. While this […]

Adjustment of Status in the United States

When non-citizens of the United States wish to come to the country, they must acquire a certain status that allows them to do so. This can be done through various types of visas. These visas allow individuals to come to the United States for several reasons. This may be for visitation, employment, an education, marriage, […]

What is the Automatic Stay?

While individuals often fear having to file for Bankruptcy, it can be very beneficial. Filing for Bankruptcy can give people a fresh start, with the potential to prevent them from losing their home or business. This can be done by restructuring their finances. When an individual file for Bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court activities what is […]

How to Get a Green Card in the United States

People around the world wish to come to the United States for a variety of reasons. They may be for a family, job offer or employment, refugee or asylum status, and more. For a foreign individual to enter the United States, they must have the right documentation. In order to have permanent residence status, one […]

Business Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Businesses are not easy to run. Business owners work hard to be successful and make a profit. Running a business can sometimes not always go as planned. If a business finds itself struggling financially, its owner may have to look into filing for bankruptcy. Doing so can help a business out of a hard time. […]

Employment Immigration in the United States

Foreign individuals around the world wish to come to the United States for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is for the opportunity of employment within the country. To enter the United States legally, a foreign individual must have a document that permits them access. One document that allows them to do […]

The Difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When filing for bankruptcy, it is important to understand all options available to you. Filing for bankruptcy can sometimes lead an individual to a better financial situation than before. There are two different types of bankruptcy that someone can file for: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. It is crucial to have an experienced attorney […]

Citizenship Eligibility in the United States

Many people in the world dream of becoming a United States citizen. It gives an individual a great sense of pride when they are approved and naturalized in the United States. The process of naturalization admits a foreigner to become a citizen of a country. Being a citizen allows a person to vote, hold government […]

How can deportation occur?

As someone living in the United States, we need to have some kind of status to be approved to live in this country. Citizens of the U.S. are able to stay in the country without any limitations on their residency. However, those who have visas that need to be approved in order for them to […]

Why is the automatic stay beneficial?

During times of financial difficulty, the bankruptcy process can fix someone‚Äôs financial situation. It may guide them toward a more successful financial future. This process can help them take a look at their finances, see where they went wrong and how they can improve their current situation. When you are unsure of your financial future, […]

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