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A student visa allows a person to temporarily study in the United States. The student visa that applies will depend mostly on the type of school he or she wishes to attend and the course of study that interests them. For example, an F visa is for individuals who will attend a high school, university, college, seminary, conservatory or private elementary school. Another example is the M visa. The M visa is for individuals that will attend a vocational or other nonacademic institution. If you are interested in an American education at one of our fine academic institutions, it is important to discuss your situation with an attorney. Issues can quickly arise, so contact our firm to discuss your situation and get the guidance you need. If you need quality legal support through the process of attaining a student visa, contact Detzky, Hunter & DeFillippo, LLC.

Eligibility and application

The first step in becoming eligible for a student visa is to first apply and be accepted by a Student and Exchange Visitor Program-approved school. Once completed, the applicant can apply for the appropriate student visa by completing a form I-20. The applicant will likely request a student visa through an embassy, consulate, or online. The next step is often an interview, where officials will assess the applicant’s eligibility and admissibility to the United States, with some exceptions based on age.

Getting ready for the interview

It is important to gather the necessary documents for the interview. Being prepared can avoid issues with your application and even a denial of entry. Some of the many documents that may be required include:

  • A passport that will remain valid at least 6 months past the period of stay
  • A Form DS-160 confirmation page
  • The receipt for the application fee
  • A photo unless previously provided
  • A certificate of eligibility for the appropriate visa
  • A completed form I-20

In addition to the documents listed above, the applicant may be required to provide documents regarding academics, including:

  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Transcripts
  • Certificates

Lastly, the applicant may need to provide standardized test scores mandated by the U.S. school, affirm an intention to leave after the schooling is over, and deliver evidence of how they will pay for this temporary stay.

The interview

The interview will determine if the applicant should be issued a visa and what kind of visa applies. The applicant may have to prove that they meet certain requirements. In addition, the applicant may need to provide biometrics to become admissible to the U.S. Once approved, the applicant must wait for the issuance of a visa. This process can be daunting, and it is certainly complicated. Contact an attorney in the United States that can guide you through the process. 

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In order to protect your ability to participate in one of America’s academic institutions, it is best to retain the legal support of an effective law firm. Detzky, Hunter & DeFillippo, LLC is ready to assess your situation and help you navigate the immigration laws of the United States. If you need quality legal services of an experienced immigration attorney, contact Detzky, Hunter & DeFillippo, LLC.

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